New Cake Decorating Classes have arrived to My Cake Class

Yup, you read that right… new classes have arrived at My Cake Class!  

One great thing that is making the class program at my store  (Joann Fabric in Eugene, Oregon) stand above the classes offered at the local Hobby Lobby and Michaels, is the fact that we are offering two new types of classes they are not able to offer. 


Private Classes


The first one is our private class program.  We can now teach a class for you that is a one on one setting. With this class type you are able to be the only student. That gives you a more hands on and uninterrupted learning environment. 

A variation of this is also a group private class. You can have two or more students in the group private class and it is perfect for a small group setting for just friends/family.  


Create A Class Program


We also have our create a class program.  This new program allows you to pick your own curriculum or for the instructor to write their own class and offer it. 

These new classes are a wonderful addition to the Wilton program because we are able to incorporate the Wilton courses and Wilton project classes into them.   

Also, both of these class programs can be scheduled to fit your needs. You are able to also pick your date and time as to when to take them. 

For more information about these classes you can read up on them here or give me a call at the store. I work on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 12 -4 and the phone number is (541) 343-3079.  

I am really excited to be able to be teaching both Wilton’s quality courses and now be able to expand into the “intermediate” and “advanced” skills classes that many of you have been asking me for over the last 9 years. 

Confectionately yours, 


My Cake Class

What’s new in my kitchen… a lot!

What’s new in the My Cake Class kitchen… a lot!  I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on in my world and let you know of some things to come. 


What I’ve been up to

The busiest time of the year for me is September – October. I will admit, I am always glad when October wraps up and we move into November.   I think it’s because I LOVE Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

With my son’s High School football season over I have my evenings back. That means more time in the kitchen. I will be using that time to create some new classes for you. Yes, I said new classes, more about that later this week though. 


Business Stuff for My Cake Class

I do want to clear up a rumor that trickled its way back to me because as we all know rumors always get back to the person they are about one way or another.  


Rumor: I am no longer teaching Wilton classes now that I am working at Joann Fabric as the Education Coordinator. 

Truth:  I am still teaching Wilton classes as well as managing the classroom through the Education Coordinator role.  With me now at Joann’s it has opened up the opportunity to teach a variety of classes.  I love teaching, there is absolutely no way I would stop doing what I love, and abandon all of you in the Sugar Art world. 

Please stop by and say hi when I’m there and share with what you have been up to since you were last in class.  I am there for my Education Coordinator role on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday’s from 12 – 4 pm. 

What’s To Come for My Cake Class

In the coming days I am going to be posting about some great new programs we have at Joann Fabric’s that no other store in town offers with Wilton and Sugar Art classes so stay tuned and keep at eye out for that information. 

Confectionately yours, 

My Cake Class