August Wilton Courses start tomorrow!

Wow how quick this year has gone. Last I knew it was January and here we are already at August. 

The courses will be starting tomorrow for August.  You can find an updated class calendar here to reflect all of the current Wilton courses as well as private classes I will be teaching this month. 

Please note if you wanted to take either the Color Flavor Decorate Mini Cakes class or the Day At The Beach they will be discontinued at the end of August. 

Course 4 has been officially retired and will no longer be on the calendar. We do have 4 or 5 kits left at the store as well as a ton of books. If you are interested in doing this class on a private class basis with me please let me know and we can work out a time I can teach it outside of the store. 

Confectionately yours, 


It’s fair time! July 22-26, 2015

Once again it’s the day before my displays are due and I’m in the last minute rush mode of making flyers, getting labels printed, dusting off this, testing out that.    

The one thing I did to my advantage this year with great success… I kept my display cakes from the June Open House to use.  Normally the week leading up to the drop off day is filled with much stress, blood, sweat and tears by me as well as lots of take out dinners “honey really” and “again”from the husband as I glance up covered in fondant, powdered sugar and colorings with glazed eyes and a “uhhh did you say something?”.  Oh and sleepless nights, lots of those too. NOT THIS YEAR! I was ahead of the game. 

These 5 days are the only days of the year that I really do any type of mass marketing to the public so for me this is a HUGE event. The Lane County Fair team has been wonderful for 4 years now in allowing me a table to promote my classes.  Words can’t say what it means to me with supporting me as a local business to help get students into my classes.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

If you are at the fair this year please stop by and ooh and ahhh over the cakes.  I have a few students entering again, and I can’t wait to see what they have come up with! They haven’t shared pictures with me and told me I need to go see them and be surprised. 

So good luck everyone who has entered! I am excited to see your designs just as much as I am with hitting up the elephant ear booth! 

Confectionately yours, 


Just Confirmed: Course 4 is ending in July

I have just confirmed this weekend with the powers that be… Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers will no longer be taught after July. 

If you have not taken this class yet or you wish to take it one last time it is currently on sale for $22.50.  

I do have a Course 4 starting July 7th (Tuesday night) at 6:30 pm.  This class has reached its minimum needed for it to run so you are more than welcome to register for it up to the class start time of 6:30 pm.  

As of right now this will be the last offering I have scheduled and confirmed to run.   

For those who have made this a one of my most successful courses in my 8 years of teaching, thank you! This class has hands down been my absolutely favorite course to teach for so many reasons and to go into them will leave me with tears that right now I can’t think about this being my last run with it.  

I hope to see as many of you on Tuesday nights that are able to make it and can. I’d love to have this course go out with being at max capacity and standing room only. 

Confectionately yours,