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Pardon the dust today….

I am working on some changes to the site and some features today so if something looks wonky… it probably is.  

Day off from work so I’m tweaking things here that are on my “to do” list.  

Confectionately yours, 


Advanced Gum Paste Flower Kit

Is anyone interested in getting together to make some flowers with the Wilton Advanced Gum Paste Flower Kit (that looks like the pictures below)?  

The flowers that can be found in this kit are as follows: 



  • Daisy- small, medium, large, and X-Large;
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid- petal, throat, and sepal;
  • Hibiscus- petal and leaf;
  • Ranunculus- small and large petals, and leaf;
  • Gardenia- small, medium, and large petal;
  • Dogwood ;
  • Rose- small and large petals, small and large leaf;
  • Lily of Valley & Lily of Valley leaf
  •  Hydrangea


I have some students wanting to learn how to make the flowers not currently covered in Course 3 from this kit and wanted to put the offer out to join us in case you are interested. 

It will be set up to be in the same format as the current Wilton courses due to the fact that with it being a multi step process and these flowers will need time to dry before the next step. 

In this gathering you will learn the following: 

  • How to wrap wire in floral tape to give your flower a stem and look realistic
  • How to place gum paste petals on wire
  • How to assemble the petals and leaves into a flower
  • How to create a floral spray

If  you are interested in joining us please let me know by completing the form at the end of this post.  I am in the process of trying to find a time that everyone who is interested can get together to work on them.   

We are looking to have this class potentially in May or June right now and do not have a specific day/time set yet. 

71NlHpIy11L._SL1200_You will also need to purchase a set of floral wires, the silicone mat set pictured here as well as one package of gum paste. 

I hope to see some familiar faces in this class. 

**Please note this Impression Mat is very similar to the exiting one that is the same color. This one has specific centers for the hibiscus and other new flowers.  The original mat will not work with this kit. 


Confectionately yours, 

Owner/Operator of My Cake Class

February is in the books! Hello March…

February is in the books! Hello March…   


For me it always seems like January drags on slow endless day after slow endless day and then February hits and it’s over before I know it February’s ending and then it’s like the rest of the year is a blur and Thanksgiving is staring me in the face.  Is it that way for any of you as well? 

The fun thing for me with March this year is that we are starting a new cycle of project classes for our March and April calendar.  If you are interested in our Wilton project classes coming up for this new calendar cycle please click here to see what is now available for registration. 

 I have also started adding the May/June project classes. These will not be available for registration yet though.   I have added a contact form for you to let me know what you are interested in and as soon as they are open for registration I will let you know. 

I love your referrals! If you know someone who would like to take the courses please let them know who referred them and I will have a thank you gift for you. 

Also, graduation season is fast approaching! Wilton’s courses make a great graduation gift. You can start purchasing the books and kits now with coupons, and then when the classes are on sale you can purchase all three courses at the same time!  If you wish for me to make them a custom “Gift of Class” flyer for you I can as well. 

Thank you to everyone who registered with me and helped make my Wilton classes in February a success. I hope to see you as a returning student in March. 

Confectionately yours, 



Please note that there is a 2nd instructor at this  store location. If you are planning to register for a class specifically with me, don’t forget to verify the name of the instructor that you are registering with. 

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