New Product: Icing Pouches

One of this season’s new Wilton products is the Decorating Icing Pouch.


This pouch is a flexible package and will fit in your hand like the disposable or featherweight bags that we use in the class.

It also comes with two tips. The first time is a round tip that is about the size of a tip 5.   The second tip is a star tip that is about the size of tip 21 or 22.   These tips can be found just inside the lid when it’s removed.

This pouch is perfect for the small details you need like flower centers, outlining smaller areas etc where you need just a small amount of frosting for a project.

These pouches should be out in my store later this week, or early next week along with a wide variety of other new products.

Confectionately yours,




Two new versions of Course 1 coming in May!

Yes you read that right! Course 1 is getting two different styles of a face lift.  Super excited time of year for me. Not only is new product coming out in the store next week but I also get to start promoting the new look to Course 1.



Wilton is introducing the Course 1, Condensed Course! This is pretty cool to those of you with hectic schedules and are not able to commit to a four week course. The condensed version will not be as detailed in curriculum, and you will only have six hours of instruction during the course instead of eight. You will meet only two times for the condensed version, not for four times like the full version.  This means the condensed version of Course 1 will be either twice a week  or once a week for two weeks (depending on how they are scheduled by me)  Certificates will be issued for the condensed versions as well. 

The second part is that Wilton is giving Course 1 a make over. There are two techniques being retired, the Pom Pom Flower and the Shaggy Mum.  Other changes to look forward to:

  1. Students start decorating at the beginning of the first lesson and will complete a set of beautiful cupcakes right away.
  2. The course covers over 30 exciting decorating techniques, including five new flowers.
  3. The overall flow of the course has been improved to ensure a fun, fulfilling and successful experience for every student.

I will be going over the changes more in depth after the April classes have started.  After April 12th the new kits, books and related material for the new Course 1 will be available for purchase.

Classes are currently on promotion for$20 so be one of the first to register and see what’s new!  May class registrations are now available at Michaels, both online as well as in person at the store. 

There will be some Course 2 and Course 3 changes coming later in the summer so stay tuned to hear more about those in May.

Confectionately yours,



Now Hiring: Wilton Instructor to co-teach with me



My store is looking for a qualified Wilton Instructor. No I am not going anywhere but with coming changes to Wilton and between the new Condensed Courses that are coming soon (Course 1 course will start being  offered in May),  the existing four Courses, tons of project classes and other stuff it’s more than I can keep up with and I need help.

What do you need to do to teach?

  1. A great personality who loves to interact with people.
  2. A background with Wilton.  It is preferred that you have taken all four courses with Wilton so you know the Wilton’s way of cake decorating. If you have equivalent experience then don’t let that hold you back. I can work with you to tweak what we need to if necessary to ensure you are teaching Wilton’s methods in class.
  3. A certification with Wilton.  Once you have been qualified, Wilton will give you a test and certify you  (each course is an independent certification process). 
  4. Other details that I have forgotten to mention that I’ll remember down the road and go “oh yeah, and that too!”

I don’t want to scare you off but I do want to let you know that you will be needed to be open to offering classes for all our main class times if at all possible.  Morning, Evening, and Weekends for Wilton.  This does not mean that you need to offer 5 morning classes, 5 evening classes, and all day Saturday and Sunday.   They don’t have to be all courses or all project classes.

As far as scheduling, between your schedule and mine we need to offer two or three morning events, two to four-week night events, and something on Saturday and/or Sunday.  You and I can sit down and work out a schedule that works for both of us.  I say events because it can be a mix of project classes and courses. If there is a morning you can’t teach and I can then I’ll cover it, same with you and another morning.  Same goes for evening and weekends.

There will also be Open House events, those are mandatory to attend.  These are some times every two to four months apart.

Wilton will also have mandatory demos. They are Saturdays and either from 10-12, 11-1 or 1 to 3.  Depending on which one of us has a class during the demo time the other will be expected to pick it up and do it.  We always have at least 4 to 6 weeks advance notice on both the Open House and Mandatory Wilton Demos but usually 8 to 12 weeks notice so we have time to work out who will need to be there for it.

Also, things like the website I have here, Facebook etc are all done by YOUR OWN CHOICE, and YOUR OWN COST.  You will not be reimbursed for the cost or time you put into creating/running/updating them.  If you want to share my blog here, I can admin you and you can post and such as well. In return I ask that you help cover some of the cost.

You are expected to market your own classes. This doesn’t mean create flyers, print at your own cost etc.  Between the store and Wilton there are ways and flyers, left over catalogs etc we can use to hand out, leave around town etc. You will need to always be on your toes to talk about what you do with complete strangers type of thing.

Wilton will also have training once every year or two. They rotate between Portland and Seattle.  I have usually commuted with other instructors to help cut the cost of the drive.  It’s a two-day process so I have always liked getting there the night before so I’m up there and ready to rock that morning without being travel weary.  That means a 2 night stay at a hotel. You can get your own room or share depending on what you are comfortable with.

Be awesome at what you do. That doesn’t mean perfect, it means enjoy it and be able to roll with it if your fondant isn’t playing nice, your icing is too stiff, too thin, not sticking be able to stick on a clown nose, squeeze it and laugh it off type of thing.   We are not expected to be perfect all the time in front of students, we need to be confident in how to roll with the punches and overcome those icky moments.

This is the type of job where the more you put into it, the better success you will have. As easy as I have made class for you all, it’s been hard work and often blood sweat and tears put into it, hours worth behind the scenes.

Do you still have questions?  Please give me a call. My contact information is on the main column to the right when you are at the home page.

If you are still interested in being my co-instructor and I didn’t scare you off then you need to apply in two locations and get your cake portfolio’s ready to show off.

Online with Wilton and Online with Michaels.

With Wilton it will ask for my First and Last name, that is Carolyn Alexander.  The number they are asking for is W22236601.

With Michaels you want to select  Store, and hourly positions then click the red button below it and follow the steps from there. You will need to call the store and speak with Toya (prior to 5pm) or Shelby (after 4pm) to let them know you have completed your application process once it is complete. They are the Customer Experience Managers at my store that oversee the classroom program.

Confectionately yours,



Certified Wilton Method Instructor… ME!

Your lovable, friendly, and favorite Wilton Instructor (that’s me in case you didn’t realize it. LOL) is now officially a CERTIFIED WILTON METHOD INSTRUCTOR.

What does that mean?  Well before today we were “trained” via annual training sessions.  Starting today that means that I have taken a written test and passed it and confirmed that I know what I’ve been doing for almost seven years.

This also means that there is something super cool and brand new things coming in May that I will be able to talk to you about VERY VERY SOON!

So let’s celebrate by registering for a class with me!  Fun techniques and fun times full steam ahead!

Confectionately yours,


I have a good news announcement…

Your lovable, friendly, and favorite Wilton Instructor (that’s me in case you didn’t realize it. LOL) is now officially a CERTIFIED WILTON METHOD INSTRUCTOR.

My test has been taken, Wilton believes in me and my account (hopefully) loves me.
What does that mean?  Well before today we were “trained” via annual training sessions.  Starting today that means that I have taken a written test and passed it confirmed that I know what I’ve been doing for almost seven years.

This also means that there is something super cool and brand new coming in May that I will be able to talk to you about VERY VERY SOON!

So let’s celebrate by registering for a class with me!  Fun techniques and fun times full steam ahead!

Confectionately yours,



Wilton Classes Currently $20!

Wilton’s four week courses are currently on sale for $20 for a limited time.

If you would like to register for a course you can register online at Michaels or in person at the store with any cashier.

I can’t wait to see you in a class.

Confectionately yours,



Thank you, and what’s this I hear about new stuff coming?

Many of you have kept me on my toes this month… literally and figuratively.  Classes and more classes all over the place.  A few days a week I am making two trips to the store because morning classes have been a hit.

Thank you to everyone who is a morning student and has dedicated the last few months with me.

Evening classes have been packed! I can’t even begin to ask where everyone is coming from but I am thankful that you have found me.  If you are planning on registering for future months of  upcoming evening classes I would suggest that you budget if at all possible for registering for your courses as far out as you can. I am getting a huge influx of students and want to make sure that everyone who’s with an existing group and wants to stick together to purchase in advance.

Many of you are coming to me asking about things you have read on the internet about “new things”.

Well I’d like to say first off, its Spring and yes new products are coming as they always do this time of year.  I can confirm that there will be new Wilton products available to you at the store soon.  I have not seen any of them yet so we might need to have a student reunion on the Wilton aisle at the store together to see what’s new.   I do not have a date on when our new product will be making its appearance and when I know it’s out you will be the first people I tell. 

There will be some other changes coming soon but I don’t have everything wrapped up pretty yet to present to you and in due time I will.  That’s the professional way of saying “I can’t say it yet but trust me when I can, it’s going to be great!”

In the mean time I can tell you that our newest project class Crazy for Cupcakes is scheduled for two dates in April noted below:

  • April 8, 2014 (9:30 AM - 11:30 AM)
  • April 16, 2014 (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM)

Both of these dates are just before Easter (which is April 20th) so we can learn some really cute Spring/Easter designs in this class.  I hope to see you at this class if your schedule allows.

Confectionately yours,



Open House: Saturday March 8th!

Open House is back with another great discount.

It will be held this Saturday March 8th from 11am to 2pm.

Wilton classes will be just $20 AND you will be receiving a gift certificate to use in store that day for $2o to apply to your course/project class  supplies.

Please stop by and see what’s new with Wilton!  I will be showcasing our new cupcake class “Crazy for Cupcakes” and possibly sharing some new things going on with Wilton.

I can’t wait to see you there!
Confectionately yours,


Easter Egg Dye with Wilton Gel colors

These directions are taken directly from Wilton’s page. Click here to go to the original link.


  • Icing Colors
  • 3/4 cup very hot water
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • hard-cooked egg



  • Narrow container
  • Tablespoon
  • Toothpicks
  • Spoon


step 1

Using a toothpick, dissolve Wilton Gel Food Color or Icing Color until water is your desired hue.

step 2

Stir until completely dissolved.

step 3

Add 1 tablespoon white vinegar to colored water; stir.

step 4

Using a spoon, add hard-cooked egg to water. Let set until egg is desired shade.

step 5

Remove egg from water using spoon. Let dry.

Now you are ready to decorate your egg!




Here are some of my eggs from past years that the kids and I have done.


547460_271392622948390_1037575179_n       100_4852




Open House is back!


Have you been thinking about taking a cake decorating class?  If so, the best way to get started is with a Wilton course or project class.

I have been teaching cake decorating locally since 2007, and have over 25 years of decorating experience.  I’d love to share my love with you and help you get started with your cake decorating skills.

Consider yourself officially invited to the Open House event at my local Michaels store on Saturday March 8th to see what Wilton has to offer.    I will be showcasing our four week courses and variety of our project classes, including our newest one Crazy For Cupcakes.


Confectionately yours,